Sukkah at Ellingham

2nd October 2015
On Friday our whole school walked to the woodland workshop for an exciting afternoon out. We went to learn about the Jewish Harvest celebrations. Jewish people make a shelter outside their homes which they decorate with leaves, flowers and fruit. It has to have 3 sides and a roof and is called a Sukkah. They eat their meals out in their Sukkah and some people even sleep out there.   
Mrs Swinbank read the story about the Israelites’ escape from Egypt and how they had to sleep in the desert in tents and shelters. Jewish people remember this time every harvest as they thank God for feeding them in the desert and rescuing them from slavery.

We worked in our teams to find lovely flowers and leaves and hung them from the roof of our Sukkah. We made some walls at the sides. Then we shared fruit and biscuits for a snack. We thought it would be lovely to sleep in there.

We thought our Sukkah was beautiful!!