Polish Club

Language Clubs

We have been running German and Polish after school clubs in Ellingham to offer Year 3 and 4 children a chance to try and learn a few words and phrases in these languages. From “Guten Tag” to “Jak się masz?” (how are you in Polish), the children have enjoyed learning about the countries, their main cities and culture, food and climate. The children have a go at writing and reading in the language they learn, but mainly to interact, to say hello, know basic numbers and phrases.

The clubs are run by a local language school, Union Language Centre, who offer a range of languages, including future Mandarin classes. Dr Beata Kohlbek, director or ULC, praised the last club: “It is wonderful to see how 7 and 8 year old children open up to new sounds and spellings. Most of the time we had fun saying things in Polish, playing with the words, singing Frère Jacques in Polish. If they meet a Polish child in a Middle or High School they will surely be able to greet the new friend in his/her language. I am very proud of Ellingham School children!”